Central 4D Rulebook





This association shall be knownas the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS.


ARTICLE II. Non-profitAssociation

This association shall at all times be operated and conducted as a non-profit association in accordance with the laws of the State of Oklahoma providing for such rightsas granted to associations of this kind.


ARTICLE III. Objectives

The CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS organizationhas been formed for the following purposes.

A. To promote the sport ofclover-leaf barrel racing.

B. To provide fair and equitableorganization open to all peoples.

C. To publish information concerning dates and results of jackpots, association standing, and otherinformation members are interested in.


ARTICLE IV. Boundariesof the Association

The place of business of the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS shall be Norman, Oklahoma, or at other such places is its members may choose. Its members, board or officers may be residents of any state, territory, or country, and businessmay be carried on at any place convenient to such members or officers.







1.1 Members

1.1.1 Membership in the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS is a privilage, not a right. Membership shall be made by application and is subject to the discretion of the executive committee. Membership or application may be terminated or rejected by the executive committee for cause detrimental to the interest of the association, it's programs, policies, objective, and harmonious relationship of it's members as determined by theexecutive committee.

1.1.2 Any person becoming a member of the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS shall become familiar with itsRules and Bylaws and shall comply and be bound by same.

1.2 Membership

1.2.1 Annual dues for membership are set at $30.00 and includes a subscription to the associationnewsletter.

1.2.2 Newsletter subscriptionsmay be purchased by non-members for $20.00 per year.

1.2.3 Membership runs from November 1 through October 31. Membership dues must be paid before a contestantmay accumulate points toward season awards.

1.3 Conductof Members

1.3.1 CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner so asnot to cast reflection on the association or themselves.

1.3.2 Any misconduct or act ofviolence at an association jackpot will not be tolerated.

1.3.3 Consumption of alcoholat association jackpots is prohibited.

1.3.4 Inhumane treatment of a horse at an association jackpot will not be tolerated. The standard by which treatment will be measured is that which a reasonable person, informed and experienced in generally accepted equine training and competition procedures would determine to be cruel, abusive, or inhumane. This will include, but is not limited to, excessive use of a bat, crop, whip, or rope in front of the cinch,use of a electric prod, or use of unacceptable drugs.

1.3.5 Any attempt to fix or throwa barrel race will not be tolerated.

1.3.6 Any misconduct, including but not limited to those items listed above, shall be brought to the attention of the executive committee for consideration and appropriate action. Appropriate action may include officialreprimand, fines, loss of points, or expulsion.



Chapter 2


2.1 Dutiesof the Executive Committee

2.1.1 The Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing membership applications, scheduling jackpots, compiling association standings, publishing an associationnewsletter, and handling all business pertinent to the association.

2.1.2 Members of the ExecutiveCommittee shall serve as judges at association jackpots.

2.1.3 Any member of the Executive Committee may call a meeting, provided each member of the committeeis given advanced notice of the meeting.

2.2 Termand Filling Vacancies on the Executive Committee

2.2.1 Members of the executivecommittee serve an indefinite term.

2.2.2 Member of the executive committee must nominate a replacement member upon their resignation. This nomination must be accepted by a 2/3 majority of the remainderof the committee members.



Chapter 3

AssociationArticles and Bylaws

3.1 SituationsNot Covered in Articles and Bylaws

3.1.1 All activities not coveredby these articles and bylaws are not allowed.

3.1.2 All challenges and disputes under the association's articles and bylaws or with decisions made by jackpot judges shall be submitted to the executive committee in writing. A decision by the executive committee will determineall discrepancies and will be final.

3.2 Ammendingthe Associaion Articles and Bylaws

3.2.1 The association's rules may only be changed by the executive committee. The committeeis responsible for providing each member with a current rule book.



Chapter 4


4.1 Jackpots

4.1.1 A minimum of twelve (12) jackpots will be scheduled annually in each region of the association. Members must participate in at least fifty percent (50%) of the scheduled official jackpots in their region in order to attend the association finals and must participate in at least fifty (50%) of the total number of jackpots including the finals (which counts as two jackpots) to be eligible for season awards (ie With 12 regular season point jackpots, you must participate in 6 to qualify for the finals and must participate in 7 to qualify foryear-end awards.)

4.1.2 CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS jackpots are open to all members and non-members. No non-memberfees will be charged.

4.1.3 Exhibitions, a Youth 3-D (12 & under) class and the Open 4-D class will be offered at CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS jackpots. Other classes may be offered at the discretion of the committee as long as they are advertised. Active participation in any of these classes, including exhibitions,will constitute participation at the jackpot for finals qualification.

4.1.4 A current negative EIA (coggins) test chart will be required for each animal on the eventgrounds.

4.2 Exhibitions

4.2.1 Fees for exhibitions may vary depending on the cost of the facility and common practice for the area. A nominal timer fee of $3.00 is recommended andin no case shat the exhibition fee excee $5.00.

4.2.2 A sixty (60) second time limit will be set for all exhibitions. A $10.00 fine will be assessed if an exhibition exceed the time limit. This fine must be paidbefore the rider may compete in the jackpot.

4.2.3 The number of exhibitions run prior to the jackpot classes should be limited to ensure the start of the classes in a timely fashion. The executive committee may place any additional restriction it sees fit to facilitatethis goal.

4.3 Youth Class

4.3.1 The entry fee for the Youth class should be between $15.00 and $20.00with a minimum of 80% put in the purse.

4.3.2 The Youth class is open to all persons twelve (12) years of age and younger as of the date of the jackpot or to members twelve (12) years old at time of membership who are counting points toward the Youth class for that season.

4.3.3 The Youth class will be run with a 3-D format with 1 second splits

4.3.4 Each region may chose to award points for the Youth class. If points are awarded for Youth, they will be earned in accordance with §6.1.

4.4 Open 4-D Class

4.4.1 The entry fee for the Open4-D class should be between $25.00 and $30.00 with a minimum of 80% put in the purse.

4.4.2 The Open 4-D class will consist of four (4) divisions. The 1D will be set by the fastest time of the barrel race with 2D, 3D, and 4D divisions being 0.5,1.0, and 1.5 seconds off of the fastest time, respectively.

4.4.3 Contestants must attempt to make the fastest run possible. Any obvious attempt to "pullup" or pace their run will result in disqualification.

4.4.4 Runs with penalties (i.e.hit barrels) cannot place in the 4D.

4.4.5 Points toward season standings will be awarded in the Open 4-D class in accordance with §6.1.

4.5 General Barrel Racing Rules

4.5.1 Where these bylaws are not specific, generally accepted barrel racing practices willgovern.

4.5.2 The standard pattern forsetting the barrels is:

Ninety (90) feet between barrels 1 and 2; One hundred five (105) feet between barrels 2 and 3 and barrels 1 and 3; Sixty (60) feet from barrels 1 and 2 to scoreline, and, if the arena allows, forty-five (45) feet from scoreline to the gate. Barrels 1 and 2 must be a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from the fence and barrel 3 must be at leasttwenty-five (25) feet from the back fence.

4.5.3 In smaller arenas, it is recommended that the pattern be reduced proportionately to the standard barrel pattern with the minimum distances from the arena fence listed in § 4.5.2being maintained.

4.5.4 Stakes should be used to mark the positions of the barrels and the barrels should be seton the inside of the stakes in a clover-leaf pattern.

4.5.5 A "no time" will be givento the contestant if they break the clover-leaf pattern.

a) This includes a maximumof three (3) turns.

b) Backing up does not necessarilyconstitute a Anotime.

4.5.6 A five (5) second penalty will be assessed for each barrel knocked over. A run with penaltieswill be treated as a "no time."

4.5.7 Contestants should be ready to compete when their name is called. If a contestant is not present when their name is called, they will receive two additional gate calls and will then receive a "no time." If a contestant is present, but fails to start the clock within five (5) minutesof their first gate call, they will receive a "no time."

4.5.8 Electronic timers shall beused whenever possible.

4.5.9In the event of a timer failure,the contestant will be given the following options:

a) If no barrels have been knocked down prior to announcement of the timer failure, the contestant may draw out and have their entry fee refunded ortake a re-run at the end of the barrel race.

b) If one or more barrels have been hit prior to announcement of the timer failure, the contestantmay take a re-run with penalty or may take a no time.

4.5.10Members of the executive committeewill serve a judges of the barrel races.





5.1 Placesto be Paid

5.1.1 The number of places paid was determined to ensure that last place in the 4D will pay backat least the entry fee. The places paid are as follows:

























5.1.2 In the event that the number of monies to be paid in a division is greater than the number of contestants that fell into that division, The number of monies paid to that division will be adjusted to equal the number ofcontestants that fell into that division.

5.1.3 In the event that no contestants fall into a particular division, the monies from that divisionwill be split proportionally into the remaining divisions.

5.2 Divisionof Monies

5.2.1 Monies will be split between the divisions of the 4-D class with 35% going to the 1D, 30% tothe 2D, 20% to the 3D, and 15% to the 4D.

Monies in each division will bedivided as follows:


























5.2.3 The payoff for each place shall be figured by multiplying the number of entries times the entry fee (less timer charge), adding any added money, and multiplying this total by the percentage for the divisiontimes the percentage for the place.




Points,Standings, and Awards

6.1 EarningPoints

6.1.1 Points will be awarded to members in the Open 4-D (and Juniors class, if applicable) with twenty-five (25) points to the highest placing member, twenty-four (24) points to the second highest placing member, twenty-three (23) points to the third highest placing member, etc. of eachdivision.

6.1.2 If a member enters more than one horse, they may earn points on each entry, provided thehorses place in different divisions.

6.1.3 If a member enters more than one horse and places twice in the same division, the highestplacing will be counted.

6.2 Standingsand Season Awards

6.2.1 Points earned by a memberin each division will be kept separate throughout the season.

6.2.2 Members must attend at least fifty percent (50%) of the scheduled jackpots to receiveseason awards.

6.2.3 Points from seventy-five percent (75%) of the jackpots will be counted toward the final season standings. A members lowest point earning jackpots willbe dropped.

6.2.4 At the end of the season, a member will keep points only from the division in which they have the highest standing. The members points from other divisionswill be dropped allowing lower places to move up.

6.2.5 The number of season awards will be determined by the number of members and as the ExecutiveCommittee sees fit, and will be no less than the following:


Numberof Member in Region















Chapter 7

Expansionof the Association

7.1 AddingRegions

7.1.1 The executive committee in the State of Oklahoma will serve both as the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS executive committee and the regional committee for theOklahoma Region.

7.1.2 Groups outside the State of Oklahoma may join the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS by petitioningthe executive committee for the formation of a new region.

7.1.3 Petitions for a new region must include a proposed five (5) or more member regional committee and the region must adopt the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS Articlesof Association and Bylaws.

7.1.4 Regional committees will have all the duties listed under Chapters 2 and 3 with the exceptionof § 3.2.

7.1.5 Region borders shall generally follow state lines. Each state should make up one region unlessotherwise approved by the executive committee.

7.1.6 The executive committee of the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS may terminate or reject association of a region if it decides it is in the best interest of the association,it's programs, policies or objectives.

7.2 Associationwith Multiple Regions

7.2.1 Each region of the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS will act semi-autonomous, having its own regional standings and season awards. Members may participate in jackpots of any region, but may only count points in the region to whichthey belong.

7.2.3 If two or more regions make up the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS, an association finals for all regions will be held in the State of Oklahoma. Each region shall contribute $2.50 per member (to be taken from the membership dues) for added money at the association finals. The executive committee of the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS will be responsiblefor scheduling the finals.

7.2.4 The executive committee of the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS will publish a newsletter for the entire association. The executive committee of each region must submit a membership address list, jackpot schedule and results, region standings, and other pertinent information to be included in the association newsletter. A fee of $12.50 per member willbe required to cover newsletter costs.

7.2.5 The executive committee of the CENTRAL 4-D BARREL RACERS will provide each regional committee with a copy of it's Articles of Association and Bylaws. The regional committee will be responsible for distributing these Articles of Associationand Bylaws to each of the members in that region.